EAPH conference
Oslo 2019



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The European Association for Physician Health

A network of groups and individuals concerned with doctors' health communicating and working together.

EAPH officers
Eric Galam (France)
Pilar Lusilla (Spain)
Karin Rø (Norway)
Andrée Rochfort (Ireland)
Kristiina Toivola (Finland)
Friedrich Wurst (Austria)


The EAPH aims to encourage a universally higher standard of support for doctors in difficulty across Europe by providing a forum for:

  • Sharing expertise and good practice on the treatment of doctors by doctors.
  • Influencing and encouraging the development of health services for doctors.
  • Undertaking joint research on the health and wellbeing of doctors.

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This forum is for EAPH members to share information, topics of interest, new projects and ideas.


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